Blazegraph 1.5.1 Released!

Blazegraph 1.5.1 is released! This is a major release of Blazegraph™. The official release is made into the Sourceforge Git repository. Releases after 1.4.0 will no longer be made into SVN.

The full feature matrix is here.


You can download the WAR (standalone), JAR (executable), or HA artifacts from sourceforge.

You can checkout this release from:

git clone -b BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_1_5_1 --single-branch git:// BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_1_5_1

Feature summary:

– Highly Available Replication Clusters (HAJournalServer [10])
– Single machine data storage to ~50B triples/quads (RWStore);
– Clustered data storage is essentially unlimited (BigdataFederation);
– Simple embedded and/or webapp deployment (NanoSparqlServer);
– Triples, quads, or triples with provenance (RDR/SIDs);
– Fast RDFS+ inference and truth maintenance;
– Fast 100% native SPARQL 1.1 evaluation;
– Integrated “analytic” query package;
– %100 Java memory manager leverages the JVM native heap (no GC);
– RDF Graph Mining Service (GASService) [12].
– Reification Done Right (RDR) support [11].
– RDF/SPARQL workbench.
– Blueprints API.

Road map [3]:

– Column-wise indexing;
– Runtime Query Optimizer for quads;
– New scale-out platform based on MapGraph (100x => 10000x faster)

Change log:

Note: Versions with (*) MAY require data migration. For details, see [9].

New features:
– BigdataSailFactory moved to client package (
– This release includes significant performance gains for property paths.
– Both correctness and performance gains for complex join group and optional patterns.
– Support for concurrent writers and group commit. This is a beta feature in 1.5.1 and must be explicitly enabled for the database. Group commit for HA is also working in master, but was not ready for the 1.5.1 QA and hence is not in the 1.5.1 release branch.


– Concurrent unisolated operations against multiple KBs on the same Journal
– Adding Optional removes solutions
– Query solutions are duplicated and increase by adding graph patterns
– Property path operator should output solutions incrementally
– Using a bound variable to refer to a graph
– NPE if remote http server fails to provide a Content-Type header
– problems with UNIONs + complex OPTIONAL groups
– Executable Jar should bundle the BuildInfo class
– SPARQL UPDATE should have nice error messages when namespace does not support named graphs
– NSS startup error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical
– Data race in
– GPLv2 license header update with new contact information
– Add hook to override the DefaultOptimizerList
– startHAServices no longer respects environment variables
– Build version in SF GIT master is wrong
– needs updating for Blazegraph transition
– Optimized variable projection into subqueries/subgroups
– OSX vm_stat output has changed
– Concurrent modification problem with group commit
– ClocksNotSynchronizedException (HA, GROUP_COMMIT)
– GlobalRowStoreHelper can hold hard reference to GSR index (GROUP COMMIT)
– Code review on “instanceof Journal”
– BigdataSailFactory.connect()
– Isolation broken in NSS when groupCommit disabled
– GROUP_COMMIT environment variable
– SPARQL Federated Query uses too many HttpClient objects
– DELETE DATA must not allow blank nodes
– BigdataSailFactory? must be moved to the client package

Full release notes are here.



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