Monthly Archives: February 2013

Graph Databases, GPUs, and Graph Analytics

For people who want to track what we’ve been up to on the XDATA project, there are three surveys articles that we’ve produced:

Literature Review of Graph Databases (Bryan Thompson, SYSTAP)
Large Scale Graph Algorithms on the GPU (Yangzihao Wang and John Owens, UC Davis)
Graph Pattern Matching, Search, and OLAP (Dr. Xifeng Yan, UCSB)

See also these posts by Patrick Durusau and Danny Bickson.

We are currently working on:
– New work-efficient graph algorithms on the GPU;
– A vertex-centric API for graph processing on GPUs that extends Duane Merrill’s excellent work on BFS on GPUs; and
– Extensions to the Parallel Sliding Window (PSW) algorithm used by GraphChi for attributed graphs, GPUs, and compute clusters.

We plan to have something people can play with in Q2.