Monthly Archives: February 2010

HA Whitepaper (RFC)

We have posted a draft of the bigdata HA white paper online [1]. As part of this effort, we are going to simplify the deployment, configuration and administration of the distributed database.

We are planning an initial HA release in 3-4 months. This is a great time to get us your feedback on features which you would like to see in the HA design, e.g., hooks for monitoring frameworks, etc.

You can follow the design discussions on the bigdata-developers mailing list [2].

[1] Bigdata High Availability Whitepaper
[2] Bigdata developers mailing list


HA team

We would like to welcome several new members to the bigdata project team, adding a rich mixture of expertise in RDF, distributed systems, storage, deployment and agile methods. Initially we will focus on developing and testing the High Availability architecture for bigdata, with the near-term goal of a very large scale operational deployment of the bigdata quad store with high availability.