Blazegraph 2.1.4 Release

SystapSiteBanner_1600x362_150px_wideWe’re very pleased to announce the the release of Blazegraph 2.1.4.  This is a maintenance release of Blazegraph.  See the full details here.

2.1.4 Release Fixes

  • [BLZG-533] – Vector the query engine on the native heap
  • [BLZG-2041] – BigdataSail should not locate the AbstractTripleStore until a connection is requested
  • [BLZG-2053] – Blazegraph Security Reporting Instructions
  • [BLZG-2050] – Fork Colt Libraries to remove hep.aida
  • [BLZG-2065] – Remove Autojar and Unused Ant Scripts

Download it, clone it, have it sent via carrier pigeon (transportation charges may apply).  Find a bug, hit JIRA.  Have a question, try the mailing list or contact-us.

Security Reporting Procedure
Blazegraph has an updated security reporting procedure. Please see the guide for reporting security related issues. This process is monitored on a daily basis. All security reports are acknowledged within 24 hours. Mitigations for reported security issues are made in a reasonable timeframe, which may be as quickly as 24 hours for high-severity issues.


git clone -b BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_4 --single-branch BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_4

Maven Central

Blazegraph 2.1.4 is now on Maven Central.    You can also get the Tinkerpop3 API and the new BlazegraphTPFServer.

    <!-- Use if Tinkerpop 2.5 support is needed ; See also Tinkerpop3 below. -->


Blazegraph Tinkerpop3

Tinkerpop3 is here!  Get it from Maven Central.



Everybody loves (and hates) Maven.  Starting with the 2.0.0 release, Blazegraph has been broken into a collection of maven artifacts.    This has enabled us to work on new features like TinkerPop3, which require Java 8 support while keeping the core platform at Java 7 to support users who are still there.   Checkout the Maven Notes on the wiki for full details on the architecture, getting started with development, building snapshots, etc.  If you have a 1.5.3 version checked out in Eclipse, you will want to pay attention to Getting Started with Eclipse and allocate a little extra time for the transition.


2.1.4 provides updates for the Debian Deployer, an RPM Deployer, and a Tarball.  In addition to the blazegraph.war and blazegraph.jar archives.

GPU Acceleration

Are you interested in trying out GPU Acceleration for you Blazegraph instance? Contact us for a free trial!

Stay in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


6 thoughts on “Blazegraph 2.1.4 Release

  1. Bart Hanssens

    It seems that the BlazegraphTPFServer (link under “Maven Central”) is not available anymore, or located elsewhere: clicking on the link returns a 404 not found

  2. Eric Stephan

    GIven that the last release was two years ago is it safe to say the Open Source Blazegraph development has stopped?

  3. Anne Deslattes Mays

    @Eric, this was my question as well — is anyone actively doing any development — where have all the developers gone?

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