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Blazegraph 2.1.4 Release

SystapSiteBanner_1600x362_150px_wideWe’re very pleased to announce the the release of Blazegraph 2.1.4.  This is a maintenance release of Blazegraph.  See the full details here.

2.1.4 Release Fixes

  • [BLZG-533] – Vector the query engine on the native heap
  • [BLZG-2041] – BigdataSail should not locate the AbstractTripleStore until a connection is requested
  • [BLZG-2053] – Blazegraph Security Reporting Instructions
  • [BLZG-2050] – Fork Colt Libraries to remove hep.aida
  • [BLZG-2065] – Remove Autojar and Unused Ant Scripts

Download it, clone it, have it sent via carrier pigeon (transportation charges may apply).  Find a bug, hit JIRA.  Have a question, try the mailing list or contact-us.

Security Reporting Procedure
Blazegraph has an updated security reporting procedure. Please see the guide for reporting security related issues. This process is monitored on a daily basis. All security reports are acknowledged within 24 hours. Mitigations for reported security issues are made in a reasonable timeframe, which may be as quickly as 24 hours for high-severity issues.


git clone -b BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_4 --single-branch BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_4

Maven Central

Blazegraph 2.1.4 is now on Maven Central.    You can also get the Tinkerpop3 API and the new BlazegraphTPFServer.

    <!-- Use if Tinkerpop 2.5 support is needed ; See also Tinkerpop3 below. -->


Blazegraph Tinkerpop3

Tinkerpop3 is here!  Get it from Maven Central.



Everybody loves (and hates) Maven.  Starting with the 2.0.0 release, Blazegraph has been broken into a collection of maven artifacts.    This has enabled us to work on new features like TinkerPop3, which require Java 8 support while keeping the core platform at Java 7 to support users who are still there.   Checkout the Maven Notes on the wiki for full details on the architecture, getting started with development, building snapshots, etc.  If you have a 1.5.3 version checked out in Eclipse, you will want to pay attention to Getting Started with Eclipse and allocate a little extra time for the transition.


2.1.4 provides updates for the Debian Deployer, an RPM Deployer, and a Tarball.  In addition to the blazegraph.war and blazegraph.jar archives.

GPU Acceleration

Are you interested in trying out GPU Acceleration for you Blazegraph instance? Contact us for a free trial!

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