Monthly Archives: July 2013

Alpha release of graph mining library for GPUs and Many-Core CPUs.

We have just issued an initial alpha release of the MPGraph code base for graph mining on GPUs and other many core platforms. This library is under the Apache 2 license.

The initial release supports CUDA, OpenMP, MIC (Intel Xenon Phi), and TBB (Intel’s Thread Building Block library). The list of implemented algorithms includes Breadth First Search (BFS), Connected Components (CC), PageRank (PR), Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP), and Betweenness Centrality (BC). For BC, the algorithm supports both exact and approximate BC. Approximate BC is based on sampling. These algorithms have been implemented against the PowerGraph Gather Apply Scatter (GAS) API. Performance is reasonable, but has not been optimized in this release. This is still a research prototype, not deployment ready code.

Future releases will provide performance optimizations, expand the coverage of graph mining algorithms, examine compatibility with the WarpGraph API, and look at SPARQL query execution on many core architectures.

This work was (partially) funded by the DARPA XDATA program under AFRL Contract #FA8750-13-C-0002.