Mapgraph™ GPU Acceleration for Blazegraph™: Launch Preview

We’re going to be formally launching our GPU-based graph analytics acceleration products, Mapgraph™ Accelerator and Mapgraph™ HPC, at the NVIDIA GTC conference in San Jose the week of 16 March.   We will also be competing as one of 12 finalists for NVIDIA’s early stage competition for a $100,000 prize.  If you’re in the area, come to GTC on Wednesday, March 18 and vote for us!

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Mapgraph™ Accelerator (Beta) serves as a single-GPU graph accelerator for Blazegraph™.  We believe it will provide  the world’s first and best platform for building graph applications with GPU-acceleration.   It will bridge the gap between our Blazegraph™ database platform and the GPU acceleration for graph analytics. Users of the Blazegraph™ platform will be able to leverage GPU-accelerated graph analytics via a Java Native Interface (JNI) and via predicates in SPARQL query similarly to our current RDF GAS API, which provides Breadth-First Search (BFS), Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP), Connected Components (CC), and PageRank (PR) implementations.

Mapgraph™ HPC is a new and disruptive technology for organizations that need to process very large graphs in near-real time. It uses GPU clusters to deliver High Performance Computing (HPC) for your organization’s biggest and most time critical graph challenges.

  • Up to 10,000X Faster for graph analytics than Hadoop technologies
  • 10X Price-Performance advantage over supercomputer solutions
  • Familiar Vertex-Centric Graph Programming Model
  • Demonstrated performance of 32 Billion Traversed Edges Per Second (GTEPS) using 64 NVIDIA K40s on Scale-free Graphs

We are currently enrolling Beta customers for Mapgraph™ Accelerator and Mapgraph™ HPC. Chesapeake Technologies International has already accelerated a military planning application seeing computation times drop from minutes for a single-solution to seconds for the generation of multiple scenarios.  We’re doing a session on it at GTC. Contact us if you’re interested finding out more.

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