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What pairs well with Veuve Clicquot and Big Data for Graphs?

Have you ever wondered what to pair with Veuve Clicquot and your Big Data graph challenge? The 2015 Big Data Innovations Summit has the answer:  Blazegraph and Mapgraph.   We won the Big Data Startup Award at the 2015 Big Data Innovations Summit in San Jose.

SYSTAP wins Big Data Startup award at the 2015 Big Data Innovations conference.

SYSTAP wins Big Data Startup award at the 2015 Big Data Innovations conference.

Our solutions for scalable graph technologies were recognized with the award.  Naturally, the champagne pairs perfectly with our Blazegraph database platform and Mapgraph technology for GPU-accelerated graph analytics.  Don’t forget our Blazegraph SWAG (must be present to appreciate…) because In graphs, size matters.

SYSTAP's Brad Bebee receives the Big Data Innovation 2015 award for Big Data Startup.

SYSTAP’s Brad Bebee receives the Big Data Innovation 2015 award for Big Data Startup

Blazegraph™ is our ultra high-performance graph database supporting Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs. It supports up to 50 Billion edges on a single machine and has a High Availability and Scale-out architecture. It is in production use for Fortune 500 customers such as EMC, Autodesk, and many others.  The Wikimedia Foundation recently chose Blazegraph to power the Wikidata Query Service.  Mapgraph™ is our disruptive new technology to use GPUs to accelerate data-parallel graph analytics up to 10,000X faster than other approaches. It can traverse billions of edges in milliseconds.

Whether you need an embedded graph database, a 1 Trillion Edge Graph Database, or the ability to traverse billions of edges in milliseconds, SYSTAP’s award-winning graph solutions can meet your needs.  We’d love to hear about your success with our technology or talk to you about how we can help scale your graph challenge.  Via Twitter:  @Blazegraph or via email.



Mapgraph™ GPU Acceleration for Blazegraph™: Launch Preview

We’re going to be formally launching our GPU-based graph analytics acceleration products, Mapgraph™ Accelerator and Mapgraph™ HPC, at the NVIDIA GTC conference in San Jose the week of 16 March.   We will also be competing as one of 12 finalists for NVIDIA’s early stage competition for a $100,000 prize.  If you’re in the area, come to GTC on Wednesday, March 18 and vote for us!

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Mapgraph™ Accelerator (Beta) serves as a single-GPU graph accelerator for Blazegraph™.  We believe it will provide  the world’s first and best platform for building graph applications with GPU-acceleration.   It will bridge the gap between our Blazegraph™ database platform and the GPU acceleration for graph analytics. Users of the Blazegraph™ platform will be able to leverage GPU-accelerated graph analytics via a Java Native Interface (JNI) and via predicates in SPARQL query similarly to our current RDF GAS API, which provides Breadth-First Search (BFS), Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP), Connected Components (CC), and PageRank (PR) implementations.

Mapgraph™ HPC is a new and disruptive technology for organizations that need to process very large graphs in near-real time. It uses GPU clusters to deliver High Performance Computing (HPC) for your organization’s biggest and most time critical graph challenges.

  • Up to 10,000X Faster for graph analytics than Hadoop technologies
  • 10X Price-Performance advantage over supercomputer solutions
  • Familiar Vertex-Centric Graph Programming Model
  • Demonstrated performance of 32 Billion Traversed Edges Per Second (GTEPS) using 64 NVIDIA K40s on Scale-free Graphs

We are currently enrolling Beta customers for Mapgraph™ Accelerator and Mapgraph™ HPC. Chesapeake Technologies International has already accelerated a military planning application seeing computation times drop from minutes for a single-solution to seconds for the generation of multiple scenarios.  We’re doing a session on it at GTC. Contact us if you’re interested finding out more.

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